LBN Film Festival Critic Review contest

LBN Film Festival Movie making is over but now starts part 2 of the Contest!

Review each of the movies which have been entered and you could win an exclusive LBN pin and PS3 game of choice!

Go here to enter!:

Pocket Moon Podcast - The Fake Ad (Win Bug blaster!, NA Only)

Pocket Moon Podcast is giving away a Rare Beta Bug Blaster Costume

Create an AUDIO ONLY radio-style advertisement for anything you like, up to 30 seconds in length.  Advertise a made-up product or imitate an ad that actually exists. Make up an advertisement for your level, for our show, for anything.

Create your fake ad by any means you wish. You can record a simple voice memo with your iPhone, or you can break into full-fledged audio mixing with background music and sound effects - the sky is the limit.  Advertisements can also be created in-game using LBP2 or LBP Vita, but of course we will only be considering the audio portions of your work.

Your fake ad MUST include a mention of your PSN somewhere in the audio.  The advertisement can be “Brought to you by [your PSN]”, or maybe your PSN can be the name of a fake corporation. Anything goes, as long as your PSN makes it into the ad somewhere.

Follow this link for information how to enter your Ad:

LittleBigLand LBPV contest - Touch and Tilt (3 crowns to to win!)

The first official crown LBPV contest has started by LittleBigLand! There will be 3 prizes for the best 3 levels and they are a rare prize crown and rare pin, so that is 3 crowns and 3 pins to win!

You have to create a level of any theme and length using 2 of the Vita’s LBP features which are Touch and Tilt.

Contest officially starts on October 5th 12:00 am GMT and ends 15th November 12:00 am GMT (Six weeks)

full information, rules and how to enter here:

LBN Film Festival Deadline around 2 weeks.

The deadline for the LBN Film Festival was put forward a week to make up for the hacking of LBN. As of this post there is about 2 weeks left to finish entries. The deadline period in which to post levels is 19th Octotber to 22nd October 2012.

Make sure to have your entry all polished and finished by then!

Good luck.



LBPC Contest #9 - Locomotion Commotion

the next LBPC contest has started! a fun and tricky contest to enter. Create a motion orientated level for your sackperson to navigate. All obstacles must be influenced by each other starting from one single power source.

The prize is a rare pin and crown!

for more information, rules and guidelines please visit:

good luck!

MOFILM Presents: LBP Karting Video contest 2012 Grand prize $25,000,00!

MOFILM have started a contest looking for a LBP Karting TV Commercial. The winning commercial must be original and creative and fit in with the LBP style. One lucky winner will recieve $25,000,00, a trip to Vegas and the pleasure of seeing your commercial on national television! MOFILM provide you with music, cutscenes and other goodies to help you create your winning video. This is the biggest LBP themed prize ever! good luck if you enter, Interested? ofcourse you are! go here for more information  Rules and regulations, tools and entry forms:

NEWS FLASH! LBN Film Festival contest Crown prize confirmed!

The previously annoucned LBN film fesitval contest has a new prize, you still win the 1 year of Netflix and exclusive rare pin but on top of that you now win the fabulous Rare prize crown! so what are you waiting for? Create your movie now! Go here for details and how to enter:

LBN presents Little Big Film Festival!

a hugely anticipated contest is now open for entries! The Film Festival contest is the first ever official movie contest in LBP! Entrants must create a movie no longer than 15 minutes long and no more than 1 level thermo big. The deadline is 15th October 2012 and the prize is a 1 year subscription to NetFlix and the rare LBN Pin! there is also a movie critic review contest opening on the create deadline where reviewers of the movies can win a ps3 game of choice and the rare pin! sound good? Head here now for more details and to enter!

Good luck Hollywood sacks!

LBN Film Fesitval

LBN Swapmeet VIII results!

the results are in for the Little Big Network Swapmeet VIII contest. The winner was randomly chosen out of all the entrants in the swapmeet and we are proud to annouce the winner of Swapmeet VIII who will win the exclusive LBN pin and a PS3 game of his choice is Brandon-Bartie Congratulations!